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Fuel/ IFTA Permits

What is the meaning of Fuel/ IFTA Permits?

Adopted in 1986, the International Fuel Tax Agreement is an agreement that applies to the 48 U.S. states, some Canadian provinces, and the state of Columbia. IFTA-registered vehicles must record and report the distance covered in every member-state and remit the correct fees or the distance covered. Commercial vehicles not IFTA registered must require an IFTA permit when traversing through member jurisdictions.

Fuel/ IFTA Permits - In The Field

Buses, special mobile, and farm equipment are some ‌vehicles that require IFTA permits if they meet the GVW (Gross Vehicle Weight) or state axle criteria. Some commercial vehicles are exempted from IFTA permits, but the exemptions differ with the state. However, most jurisdictions exempt government-operated vehicles, chartered buses, vehicles with farm plates, and recreational and off-highway vehicles. IFTA permit costs also vary by state and might cost anywhere from $5-$100 depending on ‌the load, the distance to be traveled, shipping equipment used, etc. Traveling without a permit might cost you even more. The load might take longer to ship and deliver to its destination because of legal issues.

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