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Oversize Load Defintion

What is the meaning of Oversize Load Defintion?

An oversize load is that which exceeds standard legal weight and size on the road. Your shipment qualifies as an oversize load if it is over 8.6 feet (2.59) wide, 13.6 feet (4.11M) high, and 48-53 feet long. Sure, such large loads are entirely safe for professionals to transport. However, they are larger and wider than other vehicles on the highway, making them potential safety hazards. Loads considered oversize cannot be allowed to transport on regular means. Some of them include pre-built mobile homes, construction equipment such as bulldozers and cranes, carnival rides, and agricultural equipment such as tractors and combines.

Oversize Load Defintion - In The Field

Different states have different oversize loads guidelines and regulations, so be sure to check the specifics of the region(s) on which your load will be moving. Transporting oversized loads also requires permits and specialized trailers for transport. Such trailers include RGN and extended RGNS, which can easily overcome the weight and height issues when dealing with such large equipment. The right heavy hauling company will also help you choose the best trailer for your load, ensuring that your valuable asset arrives safely and timely.

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