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Shipping Estimate

What is the meaning of Shipping Estimate?

Shipping estimates are approximate costs for moving a load from the drop-off to the ultimate destination. You can calculate the estimated shipping costs of your load with a shipping calculator, which first requires you to fill out the required load information. 

Shipping Estimate - In The Field

Various factors affect the estimated costs of moving freight from one point to another. Shipping estimates include:

  • The distance between the pickup and delivery points-The longer the shipping distance, the higher the estimated costs.
  • Load weight and dimensions- It is essential to get your cargo weight and size of the load when you need to calculate the estimated shipping costs. Heavier and larger cargo comes at higher shipping costs.
  • Value of your load- When transporting a highly valuable load, ‌purchase additional insurance to protect your product, which further increases the estimated costs.
  • Delivery time- Your load’s estimated shipping cost is directly impacted by how long it takes to ship and deliver it to its destination. For instance, one-day shipping will come at a higher cost than the three-day shipping plan.

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