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Tire Regulations

What is the meaning of Tire Regulations?

The U.S. Department of Transportation (DOT) maintains a set of tire regulations to ensure the utmost safety on the road. With the many tire regulations, truck drivers have the responsibility to understand and follow them to avoid legal issues that might translate to hefty fines and waste of time. Truck drivers should also check their tires regularly to ensure they are in the best working conditions.

Tire Regulations - In The Field

Besides abiding with the DOT standards, proper tire maintenance can help you escape costly repairs and bad accidents. Besides, well-inflated tires and good tire guarantee a smooth truck ride on the road. It also enhances their efficiency and performance, especially on long-distance. However, there is more to tire maintenance than quick checks before hitting the road. According to the FMSCA tire regulations, your truck tire tread groove depth should be at least 2/32 of an inch. Besides, no truck should be on the road with a tire that:


  • Has an audible air leak or is completely flat
  • Has any sidewall or tread separation
  • Has a cut such that the belt material or body ply is exposed
  • Has the belt material or belt wall exposed on the side

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