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2022 Nevada Winter/Spring Frost Law Restrictions

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2022 Nevada Winter Frost/Spring Thaw Laws and Seasonal Weight Restrictions

Nevada weight restrictions go into effect on February 1st and typically last until April 1st. However, they are subject to change each year.

Overweight Restrictions

Nevada frost/thaw map courtesy of NDOT. Click to enlarge.

Seasonal weight restrictions are noted on the above map. For additional information use the link below. General overweight restrictions also apply. Additional permit information is located on the official NDOT website.

Oversize Restrictions

Our research has shown there are no published over-dimensional seasonal restrictions. This does not mean they can not be imposed. Carriers should contact the Nevada DOT permit office located in Carson City: at 800-552-2127 or direct at: (775) 888-7410. You can also email them questions:

Additional information can be obtained by visiting the Nevada DOT site.


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