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2022 Nunavut Frost/Thaw Law Restrictions

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2022 Nunavut Winter Frost and Spring Thaw Laws

Nunavut is in the process of defining their winter frost and spring thaw law restrictions program. In past years Nunavut didn’t have to worry about these issues to much. However recently due to recent climate changes they are forced with new challenges. Before transporting items during the thaw/frost months you are going to want to check in with the Nunavut to make certain your are operating legally prior to transport. Remember you can be held liable for any damages you may cause to their infrastructure. One single shipment could have a negative impact on you for your entire life. Shipping any items over the roads during the winter months needs to be carefully considered. Make certain you are operating legally by checking their shipping regulations.

Here are just a few of the issues being considered by the Nunavut Ministry of Transportation related to transportation of goods during the winter frost and spring thaw months:

  • Develop engineering terms of reference for transportation
  • Engineering concerns related to permafrost warming.
  • Increase in creep rate of existing pilings and footings.
  • Thaw settlement during seasonal thawing.
  • Increased frost-heave during winter.
  • Progressive landslide movements.
  • Progressive surface settlements.

Again, it is important transport companies are in compliance with all local government laws.




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