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Pilot Cars and Escort Vehicle Services

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The Best Pilot Cars and Escort Vehicles for Oversize Loads

A pilot car, also called an escort vehicle, is a specific vehicle meant to guide oversize loads, wide loads, super loads and more. The specifics of when a pilot car is required is determined by the state. For instance, in Florida if a load is 12ft to 14ft wide it only requires one pilot car. If it’s 14ft to 16ft, it requires a pilot car in the front and rear. Meanwhile, in Georgia, if a load exceeds 11ft in width, two pilot cars are necessary on two lane highways. Each state has certain regulations that must be adhered to in order to avoid fines. The experts at Wide Load Shipping provide you with the pilot cars and escort vehicles needed based on the size of your load, and the regulations of states being traveled through. 

A pilot car or escort vehicle provides needed safety measures for oversize loads. They help guide the driver through roadways and avoid hazards that could be dangerous. Pilot cars also alert other motorists on the road of the wide load, so they can be cautious and take care to avoid any hazards. Pilot cars and escort vehicles often require certain flags and signs to properly alert other motorists of the situation. Wide Load Shipping offers pilot cars, escort vehicles, police escorts, bucket truck escorts, and more. Call now and get a quote for pilot cars today!

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