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Heavy haul and oversize trucking quotes.

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Heavy-haul and oversize trucking quotes.

We make getting heavy-haul and oversize trucking quotes super easy. No account or sign-up is required, Just click on “quotes” anywhere on our site, answer 10 questions and you’re done. Pretty much every heavy-haul trucking company that exists in North America will see your post and if they have availability for your dates will contact you with their heavy-haul or oversize trucking quote – it’s that easy! We’ve been online providing customers with heavy haul trucking quotes since 2003 and grow bigger and stronger each and every year. Post your heavy haul or oversize shipment to our loadboard for a quote today, it’s quick, easy, and best of all it’s free!

Oversize load.
We have a huge network of carriers using our system looking for loads. Post your heavy-haul or oversize load today.

Getting heavy haul or oversize trucking quotes is easy when you use Wide Load Shipping. Our simple system makes this task almost effortless for our users. To ship oversize and heavy-haul items requires a specialized trucking company that has specific knowledge in this area of expertise. There are the strict city, county, state, and federal laws governing the legalities of this type of transportation in the United States, Canada, and Mexico. Obtaining a quote for the purpose of shipping heavy or oversize items requires advanced knowledge of trucking. You want to make certain that you are getting a quote from a professional that has proper expertise, licensing, insurance and registration.

We’ve built one of the largest oversize & over-weight shipping networks in North America.

Heavy haul and oversize shipping quotes online.
Oversize and heavy haul trucking quotes from carriers located in the USA, Canada & Mexico.

In 2019 the US reported that $9.7 billion worth of oversize and heavy haul transportation occurred in the United States alone. We handled $1.94 billion of the revenue that occurred last year. Simply log into your account and click on archives. Then you can see the shipments that were posted by direct customers to our heavy haul and oversize trucking load board. Keep in mind that brokers also use our system however we do not save broker posted heavy haul and oversize freight in our archive system for future reference.

The reason we keep the archives section is so our heavy haul and oversize trucking companies can reference these previous customers and even market them if they wish. We found that this is an outstanding opportunity for all oversize and heavy-haul trucking companies to market their services to potential customers that are shipping heavy-haul and oversize freight now rather than trying to locate new customers with other means that are available. These are potential customers that are actively shipping now. And with our affordable fee of $40 per month per terminal (computer), we’re positive that we offer a very much coveted and value-oriented service. For the purpose of getting you more exposure, we also offer the ability for you to post your available equipment live. We found by examining our search engine traffic that our entire website is spidered on an average of once every 2-3 days. So this gives companies a competitive advantage as search engines recognize their name more frequently.

We also offer a heavy haul and oversize trucking company directory that is super affordable with a basic listing at $70 and a premium listing at $100 per year. Since we’ve been online doing the exact same thing since 2003 we are considered a well-established company by the search engines therefore anyone who has a basic knowledge of SEO knows that that reciprocal link created by users in our directory is in many cases worth that much per week, let alone an entire year. You can easily discover this for yourself by using Google analytics and watching the increase in your traffic. Anyone who does this will be 100% certain to make sure their listing never expires. If you would like to get your oversize or heavy haul trucking company beefed up and truly in the game, this is where you start by building a good solid foundation online.

Resources for heavy haul and oversize trucking companies.

We have a plethora of tools for oversize and heavy haul trucking companies available right here online. From oversize and heavy haul trucking permits, regulations, frost laws, pilot cars to oversize truck driver training school, we offer it all. Our heavy haul and oversize trucking regulations pages are updated immediately as laws are updated. And if we don’t know about it, someone else does which is why we enable our users to leave comments at the bottom of our oversize and heavy haul shipping regulation pages. So if you aren’t 100% sure of what is posted you can always refer to the comments section at the bottom of each regulations page. You can also enter react with us by leaving any questions you may have about that page and we will immediately do our best to answer the question for you.

Heavy haul and oversize trucking permits.

For oversize and heavy haul trucking permits simply click on the permits link and it will take you directly to our oversize and heavy haul trucking permits information and resource page to get you the proper trucking permits that you need and on your way.

Frost laws for heavy haul trucking.

In consideration of the frost laws and protecting our roads and highways and interstates, we offer full explanation and breakdown as well as live updates on road closures and laws for each state and province. You can locate frost law on each of the oversize trucking and heavy haul regulations pages or by typing into the search box on our website “frost laws”.

In reference to pilot cars, we offer, which features pilot cars all through North America. This system will show you not only the home office of where pilot car companies are based but also where they have equipment available live. Pilot car companies can use our phone app to post their available locations live so our oversize and heavy haul carriers can locate pilot car companies and even hire them on the fly if needed. This service is 100% free for carriers to use. Simply click on pilot cars anywhere on our website or phone app to be connected to PiloTrac.

Oversize load and pilot cars.Pilot Cars for oversize loads. Oversize and heavy haul trucking quotes.

For pilot car companies who wish to have access to heavy haul and oversize trucking companies and quote their shipments simply sign up and get your company listed today! Again, anyone who has even limited experience with SEO will know just the value of the reciprocal link created alone easily outweighs the meager fee we charge. Basic accounts are available to pilot car companies for as low as $50 per year and premium accounts are available at only $70 per year. This gives every pilot car company the opportunity to not only advertise to heavy haul and oversize trucking companies so you may quote their pilot car needs but also gives you huge exposure in the reciprocal link value that is equated from a reputable company that has been doing the exact same thing online since 2003.

As far as pilot car companies are concerned we know of no other place online that can give you this type of advantage with this much power. It should be noted however that pilot car companies looking for more business from heavy-haul and oversize trucking companies should build a listing of high quality meaning that you will want to upload photos, videos, your Facebook/Twitter URL if you have either as well as your website address and in addition to that create a minimum of 900 words of good solid keyword text. We have many tutorials on how to do this which you can find on PiloTrac by using the search function and typing in “keyword text”. Pilot car companies that take the extra time to do this are the ones that will absolutely 100% be leading the oversize and heavy haul industry into the future. We are sad to report those who do not will simply be left behind in the days of word of mouth. All one has to do is look back in history. Successful companies are constantly evolving with the available technology. These days the search engines pretty much dictate everything.

Oversize and heavy haul truck driver training.

If you are a truck driver and interested in driving for an oversize or heavy haul trucking company but need training, we have good news for you! We offer heavy haul and oversize truck driving courses for truck drivers interested in advancing their careers in our direction.

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