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Removable goose neck trailer.

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What is a removable goose neck trailer?

A removable goose neck trailer (RGN) detaches from it’s own goose neck which attaches it to the semi-truck. Detaching the equipment allows driveable machinery to be loaded onto the deck. The driver of the truck then backs up to the deck and re-attaches the removable goose neck with a hydraulic lift. Removable goose neck trailers are very popular and versatile as they can move heavy haul loads. Notice in the photograph below the extra axles. These additional axles evenly spread the weight of the heavy haul shipment throughout the road. This ensures the pavement is not damaged. Removable goose neck trailers save money because items requiring transportation don’t need a crane. Additional axles are easily added to this type of configuration. RGN shipments can be moved easily using our loadboard in order to get a freight quote.

removable goose neck trailer

Removable goose neck trailers were invented during the 1950’s and are great for transporting over weight, over height, oversize and over height shipments.

As we discussed above the front portion of this trailer detaches which allows the trailer to be lowered to the ground. This leaves a ramp to drive equipment on to. RGN shipments are typically driven onto the trailer.  RGN trailers can have up to 20+ axles so they can carry freight up to 150,000 pounds.

  • These are the maximums that can be loaded onto a removable goose neck trailer before trucking permits are required:
  • The maximum load weight is around 42,000 pounds.
  • The maximum well space provides about 29 feet of deck space.
  • The maximum width is 8 feet and 6 inches.
  • The maximum height of the load is about 11 feet and 6 inches.
  • The maximum overhang is determined by the laws in each state/province.

Learning removable goose neck basics.

Always be sure you clearly understand all of the state(s) laws, regulations, rules and limitations prior to shipping any type of load on a removable goose neck trailer. Hefty fines can be levied from breaking laws. Regulations in each state differ and you should fully research them prior to moving any load to make sure you are in compliance. Oversize and heavy-haul loads require specialized driver training and trucking permits in order to be transported. Always refer to the actual state issued permit for any discrepancies you may have. Be smart, be safe and know exactly what you are doing before doing it.

Accessories used with removable goose neck trailers.

Quite a few removable goose neck trailer accessories are available. In order to make loading/unloading easier as well as protecting the item that is being transported. In many cases the owner of removable goose neck (RGN) trailers may add ramps to the trailer thus making it easier and quicker to load/unload items. Especially farming equipment or dozers, loaders, back-hoes, trucks, tractors and scrapers or any specialized equipment that has tracks or wheels. One of the most popular accessories is tarps. Tarps provide protection for items that are being shipped and can cut down on the possibility of damages. Keeping insurance claims to a minimum is always a smart idea.


Removable goose neck trailers with additional axles.

Heavy equipment shipping is a demand that is increasing. As we grow so do our capabilities which usually means larger equipment. As you can see in our illustration above 5 axle removable goose neck trailers are in demand these days and the owner of one with the right customers can have a 5 axle removable goose neck (RGN) combination running team drivers pretty much year round.

Large equipment hauling on removable goose neck trailers.

​Flatbed oriented trailers are capable of hauling a very diverse range of items. While items like connex trailers, tiny houses and general freight can help keep a trucking company busy generating revenue the real purpose of removable goose neck trailers is hauling big, heavy, tall machinery and equipment. As we mentioned earlier the target market for removable goose neck (RGN) trailers is equipment and machinery that may be heavy but also tall. This is the key element that drives demand for this type of trailer.

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