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Customized Trucking and Transportation Services

Wide Load Shipping provides a wide variety of trucking and transportation services. Whether you need to transport heavy equipment, oversize loads, LTL, or even vehicles, we provide the best solutions. We have trained and experienced trucking drivers ready to go in every state. Our team provides the best transportation services, tailored to fit your needs. A dedicated transport agent will determine the best trailer to ship your cargo. Based on your needs, we’ll quote the most affordable rate possible. Wide Load Shipping provides all-inclusive transportation rates with no hidden fees. We provide the best trucking services in the industry. 

Wide Load Shipping has over a decade of experience in trucking and transportation services. Our team provides trucking solutions for all fifty states—and we have an international team who can provide port-to-port transportation services. Our trucking and transportation team provides everything you need to ship your oversize load. We pull the permits, pre-plan the route, and ensure the best trailer is available for transport. Wide Load Shipping has over twelve years of experience in trucking and transportation. We’re licensed, bonded, and insured, so you can be confident in our transportation solutions. Call now and get your transportation services quote today!