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Houseboat Transport Services

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Safe and Cost-effective Houseboat Transport Services

When transporting a houseboat, you need to look for a houseboat shipping company specializing in oversized load transport. At Wide Load Shipping, we have the experience, expertise, and equipment to transport your houseboat where you need it. Our logistics agents know how to handle the specific challenges associated with moving houseboats. We also provide adequate insurance coverage for your houseboat during transit and obtain necessary permits and clearances for transporting oversized loads. We ensure every process step is handled precisely, from the pick-up point to the final destination. 

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How to Load and Unload a Houseboat on a Trailer

Loading and unloading a houseboat onto a trailer requires careful planning and coordination. And proper equipment. Our dedicated transport team is fully aware of the loading and unloading of a houseboat process. We ensure the trailer is in good condition and properly hitched to the towing vehicle. When loading the houseboat, the trailer is positioned in the water and submerged enough for the houseboat to float onto it. We ensure the houseboat is carefully aligned with the trailer using appropriate equipment like a winch. Once the houseboat is loaded onto the trailer, we secure it properly with straps or other proper restraints. Once the houseboat is delivered to your destination, our transport agents will carefully back the trailer into the water until the houseboat starts to float and verify if it’s stable and properly floating. However, it’s important to note that some houseboats are not motorized, and their owners prefer to tether them to land or keep them stationary. Houseboats come in various sizes and weights depending on specific styles, designs, and purposes. They can range from 20 feet to 100 feet and weigh between 3,000 and 50,000 pounds. Whichever the type, size, and weight of your houseboat, Wide Load Shipping can move them.

Common houseboats we transport include:

  • Pontoons Houseboats transport
  • Floating Home Transport
  • Leisure Houseboats Transport
  • Canal Style Houseboats Transport
  • Sailboats Homes Transport

Whichever the model of your houseboat, Wide Load Shipping can move it. Call now, and let’s get started! (877) 792-5056

Free Resources

Wide Load Shipping has a vast library of resources and guides to educate on all things oversize load and super load transport.

Route Surveys

Wide Load Shipping has a team to provide route surveys, ensuring your oversize load is transported safely.

Oversize Load Regulations by State

Wide Load Shipping has over twelve years of experience, and we’ve listed the regulations you need to know for transporting oversize loads in each state.

Dedicated Transport Agent

At Wide Load Shipping you work with a dedicated transport agent who will guide you through every step of the shipping process.

All-Inclusive Shipping Quotes

Wide Load Shipping provides you with a quote that includes everything you need, whether it be loading assistance, pilot cars, or other amenities for transport. No hidden fees!

Every Step Handled For You

Wide Load Shipping simplifies oversize load transport. We handle every aspect of transport, from the initial dispatch to final delivery. Find out more now!

Why Choose Wide Load Shipping Houseboat Shipping Services

At Wide Load Shipping, we pride ourselves as the premier houseboat shipping company in the industry. We are fully insured and licensed to handle houseboat transportation nationwide and beyond. When you partner with us, you will be given a dedicated transport agent to guide you through every step of the shipping process. What sets us apart is our vast library of resources and guides on everything regarding oversized load transport to help you make an informed decision. We handle all the permits and paperwork regarding houseboat transport. Call now, and let’s ship your houseboat! (877) 792-5056

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Transport Your Load With The Best Company In The Industry

Transport Your Houseboat with the Best

When choosing a company to ship your houseboat, you should verify if the company has the appropriate equipment and resources to handle your houseboat’s loading, unloading, and transportation. Wide Load Shipping has the best equipment and expertise in the industry. We have a range of specialized trailers, including flatbed, lowboy, step deck trailer, double drop deck trailer, and Removable Gooseneck Trailer (RGN), used to transport houseboats. Call today for a free houseboat shipping estimate! (877) 792-5056

Our Process


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Your dedicated transport agent provides you with an all-inclusive quote tailored to fit your needs. We pull the permits, handle route surveys, find the best driver, and more.


Driver Dispatch

Once everything is in place, a driver is dispatched to pick up your heavy equipment. Your equipment is safely loaded and secured before setting off.


24/7 Dedicated Support

Your dedicated agent is available throughout the entire journey to answer any questions you may have. Your oversize load is delivered safely and on time. Get your transport quote now!