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Does Your Load Require Overlength Permits?

Overlength permits are necessary for loads exceeding a state’s legal length limit. A load might require overlength permits in one state and not in another. Therefore, it’s good to ship overlength loads with a professional familiar with overlength requirements in each state to avoid fines. In addition, overlength loads have to be well secured and might need to be accompanied by escort vehicles to control traffic and keep other motorists at a safe distance. The longer the load is, the more specialized trailer it needs to accommodate its weight evenly. A flag might be necessary to alert other motorists of the overlength load. 

Requirements for Acquiring Overlength Permits

In some states, overlength loads can only be shipped at a specific time of the day. Therefore, using a company with this knowledge is good to avoid inconveniences. To acquire overlength permits, we must provide accurate dimensions of the load, origin and destination, date of transport, trailer used, make, model, and year of the load, among other factors. Therefore, ensure the information you provide is accurate to acquire the correct permit. Transportation of an overlength load with the wrong permits will result in hefty fines. Regardless of the length of your load, we will load and unload it with care to avoid any form of accident. 

Acquire Overlength Permits with Us

Wide Load Shipping has been in the industry for over 15 years. We’re fully knowledgeable of when a load requires an overlength permit and make the right calls to acquire them in no time. The cost of pulling overlength permits is included in the shipping estimate, and you don’t have to pay extra. We will hand over the overlength permit to the driver hauling your shipment so they can show the authority on the road. Contact us today to easily acquire overlength permits and haul your load safely at (877) 792-5056.

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