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Trucking Rates Per Mile | Trucking Rate Calculator

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What You Need To Know About Trucking Rates Per Mile

A Guide To Freight Trucking Rates

Anytime you want to transport anything, the cost of transport is among the first things that come to mind. Wide Load Shipping has been in the trucking industry for over a decade, and we’re here to educate you on everything you need to know about trucking and transport rates. Trucking rates per mile widely differ from one trucking company to the other. Some factors affecting trucking rates include the distance, the route, the type of cargo being transported, fuel costs, and the supply and demand of trucking services in a given area. Understanding the trucking rates per mile is vital to maximizing your budget. However, before diving into the trucking freight rates, it’s good to understand how the factors mentioned above determine trucking rates. You can contact us at anytime to discuss about the trucking rates for your load.

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What Are Factors That Affect Trucking Rates?

How To Calculate The Cost of Transport

Distance: Whether you want your cargo moved locally or across borders, the distance between the pick-up and drop-off locations determines the trucking rates. The longer the distance, the more you pay due to fuel costs, equipment maintenance, and driver wages.

Supply and Demand of Trucking Services: Competition also plays a crucial role in determining trucking rates. When several trucking services are available, the rates go down because the demand is less than the supply of services. On the other hand, when the number of shipments increases, shippers compete for capacity, and the rates go up. However, it is crucial to avoid picking companies offering cheap trucking rates per mile, even when service demand is down. Instead, research and determine the track record of the shipping company’s success and experience in transporting heavy loads.

Weight and Size: Your load’s weight, length, height, and width play a more significant role in determining trucking rates. The weight of your shipment is a significant factor when calculating transport costs. A higher weight translates to higher costs, and vice versa. The heavier your cargo is, the more fuel will be used to haul it. Oversized hauling also adds additional costs because of the added cost of obtaining the necessary state permits and providing escort cars.

More Factors That Influence Transport Costs

How To Identify a Reliable Trucking Company

Fuel Cost: With the continuous fuel prices increment, many trucking companies add a fuel surcharge to their rates. Therefore, as the price of fuel increases, the cost of trucking rates increases. However, most reliable trucking companies will update you on fuel costs and add them to the mile base rate.

Freight Classification: Freight classification also affects freight rate per mile. According to the National Motor Freight Traffic Association, 18 classes of shipment affect freight rates. Load density, product value, liability, stowability, and handling needs determine freight classification. Density involves the weight of the cargo and the amount of space it occupies. Heavy loads that take up small spaces have lower rates. Also, loads that are easy to pack and handle have lower rates.

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What Are the Current Trucking Rates Per Mile?

Extra Charges That Influence Transport Costs

Extra Charges: Some companies may charge accessorial fees, which increases the trucking freight rate. Some of the extra charges you may find included in your rate include the following:

  • Mandatory insurance
  • Additional insurance
  • Additional equipment like cables, tarps, etc
  • Driver unload fees
  • Toll fees

Note that these fees are negotiable. If you are not impressed by these additional costs, talk to your trucking company.

The only way to know the current trucking rates in the industry is to contact a professional like us. All these factors make it hard to give a specific figure. Therefore, it’s advisable to always reach out to us with specifications of what you want to transport, and we will offer you a free and accurate transport estimate. Don’t hesitate to contact us through call, email, or fill out our forms.