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Why Do I Need Wheel Loader Transport Insurance?

Wheel loaders are very common in the construction industry and often need to be moved from one job site to once for a new project. These versatile pieces of equipment are quite expensive and must be fully insured during transport. That saves your pocket in case of an accident and gives you peace of mind during transport.  Wide Load Shipping offers wheel loader transport insurance to both shippers and carriers. If you’re a carrier in need of wheel loader hauling insurance, contact us today, and we will do it at a fee. The whole essence of insuring your wheel loader for transport is to ensure that if there’s an accident, the cost of damages is catered by a third party and not directly from your pocket. Wheel loaders are some of the most used pieces of equipment in the construction industry. They are used to carry and load debris, dirt, and sand. 

What’s the Cost of Wheel Loader Hauling Insurance?

The cost of wheel loader shipping insurance varies from one shipment to another. It depends on the manufacturer, model, year, and season, among other factors. If you’re shipping a wheel loader with Wide Load Shipping, the cost of insurance is included in the final estimate, and you don’t have to pay it separately. The latest models of wheel loaders cost slightly more to insure because the market value is higher compared to the old models. Therefore, if you’re transporting two different models of wheel loaders, the cost of insuring each will be different. For the carriers, the cost of insuring a wheel loader for transport is also based on the factors mentioned, but they only pay for that since transportation isn’t done by us.

How Do You Claim Wheel Loader Transport Insurance?

When the carriers get to the loading dock, the first thing is always to inspect the piece of equipment and fill out a bill of lading form to show its condition before transport. Once the wheel loader is delivered, its condition is compared to the information on the bill of lading. If there’s a difference and the wheel loader has new dents, you only need to go to the insurance company with a copy of the insurance bearing your name. It’s that simple. To be safer, have the photos of your wheel loader before transport for easy comparison. Claiming wheel loader transport insurance should never be a hassle when you work with a dedicated company like Wide Load Shipping. You can email, call, or fill out the short form on our website to reach us. 

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