DIY Arkansas oversize trucking permits.

Save money DIY trucking permits. Oversize and over-weight.

Save money DIY trucking permits. Oversize and over-weight.


Do it yourself oversize and over-weight trucking permits for Arkansas.


There is plenty of ways to save money in today’s tough economy. One way to do that is to cut down on overhead. No, we’re not talking about coasting down hills to save on fuel (although we saw a TV program where that worked pretty good) but we are talking about doing something that is getting easier and easier to do with today’s technology. Filing for your own oversize and over-weight trucking permits. State DOT’s offices all over the nation are realizing that technology is the way to go as the person in need is the one doing all of the input which requires less man hours for the state in processing which is good for everyone all the way around. So instead of like the old days where you had to deal with a whole lot, these days you just have to deal with just a little bit. Any states have turned to their own private online oversize and over-weight permit management systems like the state of Arkansas. All you have to do is call in and let them create an account for you, login and start ordering your trucking permits yourself! Now, with permit agents charging a slick $30 – $60 bucks a state they aren’t going to tell you how easy it is. But it really is as easy as 1,2, 3. Let us show you how.

You can start filing for your Arkansas oversize and trucking permits today!

  1. Call the Arkansas oversize and overweight permit office: 501-569-2546 and set up an account.
  2. Click here to login to your account.
  3. Order your permits and kick back and relax!

Now that is the way to save money! Think about it, if you did that with 10 states you could save up to about $600 if you were ordering from one of the high end trucking permit providers out there. If you keep this up you might just be thinking about getting some new equipment next year, or hiring a driver or who knows what?

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