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Boat Shipping Insurance

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Boat Shipping Insurance

Boat shipping insurance is a must-have item for private parties when your vessel is transported. You want to make sure that your asset is covered in the unfortunate event of an accident. Being prepared and doing your homework is wise when it comes to shipping large valuable items like a boat. You need to know that your normal boat insurance policy is probably not going to cover your vessel when it is being shipped over the road by a trucking company. The federal government’s minimum requirement for trucking companies that transport boats are to maintain $100,000 worth of cargo insurance at all times. If your vessel is valued at over $100,000 and the boat shipping company you are working with only has the minimum coverage amount, you will need to talk to their insurance company to purchase additional insurance for your shipment. If the boat shipping company you have chosen to work with on your shipment has enough insurance to cover the value of your boat, then you still want to do a few things. Mainly to have the insurance company lists you as a certificate holder on the insurance certificate. In the event of a claim, you are listed as a certificate holder. We will walk you through the steps of dealing with a trucking company’s insurance provider, so you are 100% sure you have boat shipping insurance.

  1. Ask the boat shipper you are working with to fax you their “package.” This is a standard phrase used in the trucking industry that means you’re asking for a copy of your federal authority, insurance certificate, and a W-9. Any trucking company dispatcher will know precisely what you mean when asked for their “package”. In the event they don’t, simply as them for the 3 items.
  2. Call the insurance company that’s listed on the insurance certificate. Tell them that you would like to be listed as a “certificate holder.” They will ask you “who is the insured”? Give them the name of the boat shipping company you are working with, the name should be on the certificate. They will ask you for your address and fax number. You can set up a free e-fax account online, or some companies will e-mail you a copy of the certificate as well.
Boat shipping insurance.
Making certain your assets are protected when being shipped.

It’s as easy as that. Your boat is now insured for the over-the-road trip you’re preparing it for. There are a few other things you should do when deciding which boat shipping company you will use. Choosing the one with the cheapest quote isn’t always the most brilliant option for private parties. If you have to buy additional boat shipping insurance, that will cost you more money and take time to set up. So you want to consider all this when deciding which shipper to go with. You can also check out a company’s history using our safer tool, which queries the federal motor carrier database. You can learn more about that when learning how to select the right boat shipper for your needs.

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