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How to ship oversize items.

Shipping a any item that is oversize takes planning. Federal and state laws govern the shipment (oversize transport) of any item that is any of the following on a road or highway. The first thing to know is what are the maximums? What is the determining factor that makes any shipment “oversize”.

  • Length: This is usually left up to the state. Maximum trailer length in most states is 53 feet or 636 inches. Or 1,615.44 centimeters or 16.1544 meters. Over all lengths vary from state to state so check with them individually.

  • Width: Any item that is in excess of 8 feet 6 inches. Or 102 inches total or 259.06 centimeters or 2.5908 meters.

  • Height: A general good number is 13 feet 6 inches or 162 inches. Or 411.48 centimeters or 4.1148 meters.

So, if you plan on shipping any item over the road that exceeds any of the above dimensions it is classified as a “oversize” load or shipment. We also address the issue of  shipping over-weight or heavy haul items if you need information as well.


oversize transport.
Oversize load shipping and transport takes preparation and planning.

Learn how to prepare for oversize shipping and transport.

For the most part the trucking company that you contract out to transport your oversize item will handle all of the fine details to make sure that your shipment is compliant with state and federal regulations. This entails oversize trucking permits, pilot cars and the actual transport of the oversize item you need shipped. However, in the process of choosing the right carrier for your item there are a few things you should learn about before jumping right into it. From using the guideline above hopefully you have determined if your item classifies as an oversize shipment or not. The next step would be to start getting oversize shipping quotes. You can follow the link and get your shipment posted in our system of hundreds of companies that specialize in oversize shipping. After you have done this you will need to learn about choosing the right company for you. Every oversize shipment is different and there are many determining factors on exactly what carrier is the best for you. Price is not the only thing that counts here. Leaning how to prepare your item for moving it is a smart thing to do. There are many laws that specify exactly what has to be done when transporting any over the road. You have to think about the value of your item and determine if it will be insured during the course of it’s transport and there are also things that you need to know about lading bills and transportation agreements as well. Use our resources as they are here for you.

Getting everything together so you can make the leap.

Once you have done the research and have all of your information organized into a tidy pile you will surely be prepared to ship your oversize item. If you are organized and prepared you should not have any surprises. It is important that you consider every aspect of what you intend on doing as one simple mistake could wind up being costly or worse harming someone.

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