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Quebec Winter Frost Laws

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2022 Quebec Frost – Thaw Laws, Seasonal Load Weight, and Speed Restrictions

Frost and thaw laws.



According to the Ministry of Transportation, spring thaw restrictions are:

Official and target dates for 2020

As of April 26th, the last updates were:

Zone 1 (official dates)

  • From Monday, March 25 (00:01) to Friday, May 24 (23:59)

Zone 2 (official dates)

  • From Monday, April 1 (00:01) to Friday, May 31 (23:59)

Zone 3

  • From Monday, April 15 (00: 01) to Friday, June 14 (23:59)

Please note that the target dates represent the most likely start and end dates of the thaw period for each of the three zones. Depending on the changes in weather conditions, these dates may be moved ahead or postponed.

For the most recent info check

For restrictions refer to “Québec Vehicle Load and Size Limits Regulation – Highway Safety Code”

E.g. The load limit of an axle or combination of axles, in a normal period or in a period of thaw or rain, belonging to a class in Schedule B is as follows:


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