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Looking for heavy haul or oversize trucking companies to ship your next big shipment? We have a location system that is loaded with great companies. Our network extends to the far corners of North America and beyond.

Locate heavy haul and oversize trucking companies.

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Shipping heavy haul and oversize loads is our business.

Our shipping network of heavy haul trucking companies and oversize shipping companies is the absolute largest of its kind anywhere in the world. We deal exclusively with big and heavy shipments. From heavy haul trucking to oversize loads our network of carriers is moving the world one load at a time every day of the year. Equipment shipping, boat shipping, heavy haul, cranes, bridges. wind tower, plant moves and trusses our guys and gals have done it all. We supply you with every tool you need right here. Why have your staff calling trucking companies all day long when you can answer 10 questions and make one click and relax. Our extensive network of  oversize and heavy haul trucking companies will see your post and contact you almost immediately. Welcome to WideloadShipping.com!

Heavy haul trucking and oversize transport company location system,

This is our heavy haul trucking and oversize trucking company location system.

Our heavy haul trucking company system is one of a kind?

Absolutely. Our trucking company location system features heavy haul and oversize carriers from throughout all of North America including the USA, Canada and Mexico. All of the companies in it are equipped with specialized trailers manufactured exclusively for heavy haul, oversize and wide load shipping purposes. Feel free to browse through it and look at some of the amazing pictures some of these companies have uploaded. You will see most of the trailers are customized to haul shipments that are not typical or everyday by any means. Hauling every thing from shipments for NASA to heavy equipment and bases and blades for the wind tower industry. Our directory gives you the power you need to move superloads and more in just a few clicks. Have a look by clicking on the state or province you need above.

Consider adding your heavy haul or oversize trucking company to our system.

We welcome carriers to our little corner of the internet to join our network. Most of our carriers in our directory have been with us for a long time. Some have just recently joined. One thing they all have in common is that our network gives your company more exposure to direct customers who need heavy haul or oversize shipping services. While having a website is great you need for your company to have more exposure that just in one place. Our specialized carrier directory provides your company sales team with exactly what they need…More customers. When you have more direct customers calling you with shipping inquiries it creates that much more potential for more business. Carriers that place ads in any of our systems get just that, more exposure. If you would like more information about getting your company listed with us please follow this link.


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