Selecting the right heavy equipment shipping company.

Selecting the right heavy equipment shipping company to ship your product is a process you have to be smart about. The company with the lowest price isn’t always the right one. In some cases a company will quote a shipment with a price that is too low accidentally. This happens from time to time in the heavy haul trucking industry. A company is trying to merge into the industry but does not have enough knowledge to properly bid the load. As a shipper you have to protect yourself by looking out for tell-tale signs that this is happening. It’s usually pretty easy to spot. As an example if you got a piece of heavy equipment that is going from Dallas Texas to Kansas city Missouri and you have four companies give you a quote between $10 and $15,000 and another company that gives you a quote for $6000 then this should be a sign that something is wrong and you will need to investigate further. As it is very possible in this case that the person quoting the shipment is made a mistake on something like the cost of permits or pilot cars. It is also possible that in the case of heavy haul shipping the person did not take into account the over-weight fee charged by each state for each axle. So if you get huge differences in your quotation from trucking companies with a low-ball number you need to be sure to investigate and find out why.

Doing a little research into the company you want to deal with.

Another way to check out a trucking company’s history is to perform a search of the FMCSA carrier database. This database is managed by the Federal Department of Transportation and can be very helpful when investigating a trucking company’s history. It will tell you exactly what kind of authority they have whether it is common, contract, broker, private passenger, or household goods. It will tell you the insurance requirements required by the federal government, insurance company history, process agent contact, any pending applications, reviews, rejections, or involuntary revocations as well as any rejected insurances or if the company is on suspension for any reason. It is also able to tell you any comments that have been placed in their file by the FMSCA. You can get safety ratings on trucking companies from this database as well. Running accurate queries on government databases for the most part has proven difficult which is why we’ve created a handy little tool called the SAFERTOOL which you may download and use 100% for free.

For the most part transportation of heavy equipment is fairly easy without incident but by being smart is possible to save your company in excess of 50% in shipping charges you just have to be very cautious of what you do.

Just follow a few simple rules to get the right heavy equipment shipper.

One of the biggest things that we tell all of our customers is any time a trucking company wants money up front before the product is loaded onto the trailer of the truck should set off a warning sign. Something is wrong. While this does not happen too often in our industry it does at times happen. Here are the basic things to look for that suggests the person you are speaking with on the phone may be trying to scam you.

  • They tell you that they have truck close by but they need money for fuel.
  • They tell you they will take the shipment but they need for you to pay for half of it up front BEFORE it is picked up.
  • Any time a person on the phone acting on behalf of the trucking company wants money before the shipment is loaded onto the trailer of the truck is a sign that something is not right.
  • You may like to read our heavy equipment shipping guide.
  • Read more about heavy haul trucking and trucking shipping insurance.
If you follow these rules you will be operating at the industry level of professionalism.
Selecting the right heavy equipment shipping company.

Selecting the right heavy equipment

Getting your heavy equipment shipped is an easy process.

To run a heavy equipment trucking company in any economy is an expensive business. Any reputable company as enough operating capital to at least be able to go pick your shipment up first. Anything outside of this would suggest an unprofessional business practice and should be looked at very closely before proceeding with any kind of arrangement, especially financial. If you follow these basic rules as well as make sure that you have added your self onto the trucking companies insurance by having the insurance company issue a certificate to you listing you as a certificate holder you should be just fine. Any time you deviate from any of these rules you open up yourself to potential problems.

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Selecting the right heavy equipment shipping company April 7, 2016

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