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New Brunswick frost laws

2020 New Brunswick frost laws, seasonal load weight and speed restrictions.

Spring frost law/thaw law weight restrictions.

Spring weight restrictions for truck traffic will come into effect on Monday, March 11th, in southern New Brunswick and on Monday , March 18th , in northern New Brunswick. Restrictions will continue until midnight on Sunday, May 14th, in southern New Brunswick and midnight, Sunday, May 21th, in northern New Brunswick. These dates are dependent upon weather conditions and are subject to change.

“These weight limits are put in place every spring to ensure that our road infrastructure does not suffer damage during the annual frost and thaw cycle,” said Transportation and Infrastructure Minister Bill Fraser. “We provide this notice to the trucking community so that they may prepare to reduce their loads or plan alternate routes during this period. I thank members of the industry for the co-operation and patience they demonstrate each year while these restrictions are in place.”

For the purpose of these restrictions, northern New Brunswick includes:

  • The area lying within the counties of Northumberland, Gloucester, Restigouche, Madawaska and Victoria.
  • The portion of Route 108 within York County.
  • The portion of Gordon Vale Road and Holtville Road within York County.
  • The portion of Route 123 within Sunbury County and Queens County.
  • The portion of Bloomfield Ridge Road between Holtville Road and Route 625.
  • The portion of Route 625 between Gordon Vale Road and Route 8.

Details are available online. Should weather conditions warrant, district engineers are authorized to close roads to trucks or impose weight restrictions on highways or portions of highways.

How to calculate your truck weights for spring thaw/frost transport.

Source: https://www2.gnb.ca/content/gnb/en/departments/dti/trucking/content/spring_weight_restrictions.html

Spring weight restrictions of 90% or 80% of legal axle weight are published each spring and are available at the link below.


It is important for truck drivers and trucking company dispatchers to make certain they are operating in accordance with the New Brunswick posted frost laws, seasonal load weight and speed restrictions that are posted. Changes to these restrictions is subject to change hourly during the winter and spring months. You are expected to be aware of these changes and operate accordingly. It is possible that heavy fines may be levied as well as your truck being ordered out of service and not permitted to travel. We suggest you bookmark this page for future reference.

Seasonal weight restrictions limit the maximum weight of vehicles allowed to travel on certain roads as a way to help prevent damage and protect public investment in the roadways.

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