2021 Advertising and oversize trucking.

2021 Advertising and oversize trucking.

Oversize trucking, heavy haul and advertising. Technology in 2021 demands more strategic advertising…

It’s certainly no secret that the major search engines dictate who is going to get work and who is not going to get work. But in this day and age the average person browsing is starting to scroll past the paid ads and onto the real results which is great, but still. This is why oversize trucking companies and heavy haulers have got to play the same game everyone else does in order to get new customers. What were going to talk about in this letter is life skills for your company. It doesn’t matter whether you are currently using WideloadShipping.com or not. Many of these roles in fact most of them apply to the way the Internet works in general and how search engines operate. However, the first thing I’m going to talk about is how to maximize your use of the WideloadShipping.com load board or your company. After that, we’ll go over the the oversize and heavy haul trucking company directory and how it’s more beneficial to your company then you may know.


There’s no time like the present.

Since were right about in the middle of the absolute slowest time of the year now is a good time to implement some of these strategies for your company so you can be fully ready to optimize your production for the 2019 shipping season. As you know it’s all about getting new customers so if new customers are what you need then new customers is what you will get. Let’s take a look at our load board and think about the way that most companies use it. If you’ve got a truck that hauled a load out to the middle of nowhere you’re definitely going to be more at the taking of brokered load just so you can get anything to get your driver rolling towards the yard and making a profit. With that said you’re probably just glancing through all the load to see what you can get quickly. Understandably so. But let’s take a look at the big picture here and that’s in landing what will call the “million-dollar customer”. Many companies are able to get that customer just by using the system on a day-to-day basis. However, what we suggest is maximizing your exposure in order to do this you’re going to want to at least communicate with direct customers that have freight that is within your weight class and within your transit lanes whether you can cover the load are not. In doing so not only are you helping to keep your trucks moving but you’re making new connections as well. Here’s how we suggest you do that.

Sharpen your pencil and work smarter, not harder.

Sharpen your pencil out and create an introductory template for your company that you can mail out to potential customers. Simply leave the “Dear Whoever” named place blank. That way you can easily insert the customers name into that spot. So what you’re going to want to do is send this email template to any customers who post loads in the system that are attractive to you. Once again, that have freight that is again within your weight class and the shipping lanes that you service. You’re going to find out that most of our customers would rather have the phone number of a company that they can trust to call and say hey trucking company here’s what we have what do you think were looking at? Rather than having the go to wide load shipping.com and plugging in all of their information on the load. It’s convenient for them to do it this way because they get instant results in speaking with you. Your email template will offer this opportunity for them to do so. This is how you optimize every cent you spend with us the and will also undoubtedly ensure you get that “million-dollar customer” much sooner than you would if you were just working the system for your open dates. Also, you can have your sales team give the customer a follow-up call as well as sending them the promotional email. However we do suggest that the salesperson is very soft and the content they are selling to the customer. The high pressure pushy sales tactics as you know don’t go very far these days and people tend to find it more annoying than anything else. We’ve got a few newer brokerage companies now that I won’t mention that have 2.000 and experienced kids that do nothing but call all day long and sell garbage. I will say the first letter starts with the T that’s it. Moving right along.

Information about the word “auto” and the web.

This brings us to our final topic in this newsletter which is the WideloadShipping.com oversize and heavy haul carrier directory. First of all I want you to understand that this is not intended to be a sales email to try to get you to put your listing in our directory. As I’m sure you aware we send out very few emails. It’s merely a good example that is right here of how things work. Realistically our directory will not make your telephone ring off the hook. However, having a company listing in our directory will do some pretty cool things for your company and here’s why. The way the search engines work and part of the way they determine who is going to be at the top of their list is by looking at what sites are linked to them. They figure if a lot of other sites are connected to your website by a link that people are telling other people there is valuable information there. Especially if the site that has the link on it contains related content. In this case equipment moving companies, oversize trucking companies and heavy haul shippers as well as regulations and pilot cars and all that good stuff is perfect. It’s a good example of one of the most valuable links there is. There’s another factor, how long has the website that is linked to your site been online and how much traffic do they get? In fact, a link to your site from a “link farm” or any other site that does not have good quality relevant content on it can actually harm your site and make it drop in search results. So you do want to be careful where you put links to your website at. You don’t just want to put is many links as you possibly can which is what “auto-link” posters and “auto-bloggers” do. This is a horrible thing to do to your own site and can be almost impossible to fix. Not only do you have to contact the owner of each site to request that the link be removed but you also have to motivate them to actually do the work involved with removing it. So, there’s no sense in bothering with that in the first place, it’s poison. Anytime you see the word “auto”, run in the opposite direction!

There’s more than meets the eye.

So with that said what a lot of people don’t realize is the link that you pay either 70 or $100 for depending if you want basic or premium is worth a lot more than that. If you were to contact an SEO expert (search engine optimization) and hire them to move your website up in the search engine results it would cost you at minimum $500 a year but realistically in between $900 and $1200, something that you can do on your own right here or with any other good quality directory. Ours has been published since 2003 so it’s history is nothing more than an extra plus for you. I can guarantee you 100% if you place a listing in our directory once it is re-indexed by the search engines your own website move up in the search results a minimum of 20 positions within 20 days if you take the time to add a well written (300 word minimum) keyword description about your company and the services you provide. Just so you know once again this is not an up sell by any means but for 2019 if you do purchase three states in our directory we will give you the fourth one for free (some restrictions apply such as company size). What you can expect besides your own website moving up in position is a few good quality customer calls a year that have good quality freight but are usually on the secret side of what they are shipping. These types of customers tend to be ones that do not want to publicly post their shipments because they may involve the department of defense, NASA, the treasury, the Hollywood industry and so forth. One thing you should consider in your online campaign other than being thrifty with your company money is the 300 word minimum description I mentioned above. It’s important that you don’t post the exact same information on other websites. This is called “duplicate content”and does not help you nearly as much as original content will.

Again I want to stress that this is not a sales email but rather an informational one. These tactics apply to all content related websites on the Internet. So by all means look for places where you can add your company information free. It’s getting harder to find that these days but it is possible. Also remember that you never want to associate yourself with a company that says that they can get your website more traffic and is using an auto poster to do that. The risk is simply too high and we have seen the results of such campaigns first-hand on other projects that we have managed. Treat your website as you would your own baby because that’s exactly what it is and it will slowly grow. It is up to you to determine if it will grow poorly or with high achievements. Remember that each thing you do contributes to the amount of money you will make not only over the course of this year but years to follow as well.

Locating your heavy haul/oversize trucking company

We welcome you to join in and post your questions, comments and any concerns you may have at the bottom of this page which is posted online here. We look forward to not only serving you now but also in the future!

Remember our new pilot car directory (PiloTrac) is live and geo-location based so you can locate pilot cars based on their location and equipment type. It’s also free with no signup required, just click and call!

Illinois oversize trucking permits

Illinois oversize trucking permits

Illinois oversize and over-weight trucking permits. Do it yourself – DIY easy!

Save money DIY trucking permits. Oversize and over-weight.

Save money DIY trucking permits. Oversize and over-weight.


Filing for Illinois oversize and over weight trucking permits is VERY easy. Read below and find out how to your trucking company thousands of dollars.

If you are looking for a way to cut your bottom line on operating costs then have a look at how much your company is spending on buying trucking permits. Now compare that with how much each state charges to issue a trucking permit and your sniffing in the right direction. You’re loosing a lot of money. Back in the day before all of this technology having a permit company made sense. However in this day and age it doesn’t. Ultimately you have to get every scrap of information to the permit company in order to obtain it. Why not simply give this same information to the state DOT office and deal with them direct and save yourself thousands of dollars in processing costs? It’s just the same but requires you getting used to giving just a little more time before you dispatch your truck or back it up depending on your position with the company you work for.  State DOT offices have now picked up on the fact that technology saves money. So, if you have a computer doing all of the work for you then you can save huge amounts of money on man hours which is good for everyone involved. It’s really easy to do in Illinois as they have a system called ITAP (Illinois Transporation Automated Permits) which works like a charm and is easy to use.

You can have your oversize or over-weight trucking permit approved quickly with the new Illinois DOT ITAP system.

The Illinois Transportation Automated Permits system is very user friendly and easy to get set up with. All you need is your DOT number and insurance informations as well as truck and trailer registration information and you are on your way to getting your new account approved We can show you how to get set up to get permits for your oversize and over-weight shipments as well as your permits in three simple steps.

  1. Register your trucking company for an account with the Illinois DOT here by choosing your desired username.
  2. You can login to your ITAP account here in order to apply for your oversize and over-weight trucking permits.
  3. Kick back and relax! A whole team of professionals is processing your request!

Now is that too easy or what? Ordering Illinois oversize and over-weight trucking permits yourself from the state DOT is a breeze! You will save plenty of money over the course of a year and some even over a month. If you would like to share this information simply click on the green button above. If you would like to leave comments for our other visitors simply do so below. Thanks for visiting our website.

Idaho oversize trucking permits

Idaho oversize trucking permits

Idaho oversize and over-weight trucking permits. Do it yourself – DIY easy!

oversize trucking permits as well as over-weight

Save money DIY trucking permits. Oversize and over-weight.

You can save your trucking company a considerable amount of money today fairly easy.

Looking for ways to save money? Oversize and over-weight trucking permits is a good way to start. With all of the new technology here to stay state DOT offices have found ways to cut spending costs by automating the trucking permit process by streamlining the process online. While the Idaho DOT is not as advanced as many states they still have created an online interface for dealing with oversize and over-weight trucking permits which works to the advantage of the dispatcher or driver for OS and OW trucking  companies looking to save money. The process is pretty simple and can save you a bundle in the overall picture – something that permit processing companies aren’t exactly jumping with joy to let you know since their livelyhood depends on your continued business of ordering permits. It used to be that the service was worth it but they’re just too easy to obtain these days and we can not only point you in the right direction but show you how.

You can have your oversize or over-weight trucking permit approved in just a few hours.

Not only that it’s pretty easy too. Idaho DOT has a pretty interesting program for issuing single trip permits for oversize and over-weight trucking companies. You simple answer a few questions over the phone and you are ready to go. For annual trucking permits you create an online account. As long as you pay for each permit as you go with a debit card you are good to go. If you wish to continually deal with Idaho and be billed for their trucking permits you can put up a $1000.00 bond – THIS IS NOT REQUIRED. So let’s get started:

  1. For single trip permits simply have the answers to these questions ready and call then number below.
  2. If you wish to create an account for annual permits that information is here.
  3. submit the permit and relax as the state is working on getting it approved.

Not so bad at all right? Now if you get it the hang of doing your own trucking permits all of the time you will be on your way to saving your trucking company thousands if not tens of thousands of dollars every year. Online technology has made it much easier for the driver or dispatcher to obtain their own oversize and over-weight trucking permits so you might as well enjoy the savings while you can and move on. It’s just another spoke in the wheel for OS/OW trucking. If you liked this article and would like to share it simply click the button above. If you have comments that you’d like to leave for our other visitors please use the form below to do so and thank you for visiting our site.



Hawaii oversize load permits

Hawaii oversize trucking permits for oversize and over-weight shipping help – DIY.

Save money DIY trucking permits. Oversize and over-weight.

Save money DIY trucking permits. Oversize and over-weight.


Do it yourself oversize and over-weight trucking permits for Hawaii.

With the economy being as tight as it is every company, not just oversize and over-weight trucking companies have to look for areas that they can cut spending in. We’ve found and identified such an area and it’s with oversize and over-weight trucking permits. With technology rapidly advancing state offices are too. Many DOT offices have learned that automation saves money as with the permit business now as well. While not all of them are up to speed many are and most all have streamlined their trucking permit processes. What this means is that it isn’t real hard to obtain the proper permits for shipping oversize and over-weight freight so why not deal directly with the state yourself and save money? While Hawaii oversize trucking outfits don’t have to worry about crossing multiple states they can still benefit from the technology that has advanced in these modern times by do it yourself trucking permits.

We can show you how to start obtaining your own oversize and over-weight trucking permits in just a few clicks.

With the Hawaii DOT office of transportation processing a low volume of trucking permits for oversize and over-weight shipping the need for a online permitting system is not as crucial in saving man hours but that still doesn’t mean it a hard this to do. In fact, you can start ordering your own permits today in as little as two steps but let’s call if 3 just for the fun of it. It goes like this:

  1. Print up the application and fill it out. You can do that here.
  2. Fax it in to the number on the application as soon as you have filled it out.
  3. Relax and do something else as your permit is on it’s way to being approved by a state team of professional.

So, there’s really no reason at all to worry about paying someone else to so something for you that you do most of the work anyway. Don’t you have to provide all of this information to the company you currently use for trucking permits anyway? Please share your comments below with our other viewers and help pass it on.

California oversize trucking permits

California oversize trucking permits – DIY.

Save money DIY trucking permits. Oversize and over-weight.

Save money DIY trucking permits. Oversize and over-weight.

 Do it yourself oversize and over-weight trucking permits for California.

Looking to save some big money? Well you certainly can. Your trucking company can save thousands if not tens of thousands of dollars every year by ordering their own oversize and over-weight trucking permits which is getting easier and easier by the day with technology growing so rapidly. State permit offices are rapidly switching to new automated systems as they are much easier to manage and operate. This saves the state huge money which is good for everyone involved. Oversize and over-weight permit companies aren’t shouting this out the windows either as they are making hand over fist every time another trucking company picks up the phone and orders another trucking permit. In reality their jobs just keep getting easier and easier. Especially if they have an automated online permitting system. Then they need less people as well and their profits go higher and higher but at the expense of American trucking companies. Today there’s really not a whole lot of need for oversize and over-weight permit providers as it’s quickly becoming a item of the past. With the exception of a few states that are rapidly catching up with the curve and getting their permitting systems online and on board.

You can start filing for your California oversize and trucking permits today!

That’s right! Ordering oversize and over-weight trucking permits is as easy as 1,2,3 and we’ll show you how to not only get it done in California state but about 43 other states as well. In order to start ordering your oversize and over-weight trucking permits yourself from the CALTRANS DOT permit office simply follow these directions.

  1. To create an online account (STARS) which includes a routing system download and follow the directions on this form, then  call 916-322-1297. After you have created you STARS account they will have you email your info to the address on the application.
  2. They email you back your login information and away you go….This is preferred as you can route your own loads.


  1. Print the application and fax it to: 909-388-7001
  2.  Kick back and relax, a whole team is processing it and it won’t take long to hear back!

If you have any information you would like to share with others seeking to process their own oversize or over-weight trucking permits in the state of California please leave your comment below.

Arkansas oversize trucking permits

DIY Arkansas oversize trucking permits.

Save money DIY trucking permits. Oversize and over-weight.

Save money DIY trucking permits. Oversize and over-weight.


Do it yourself oversize and over-weight trucking permits for Arkansas.


There is plenty of ways to save money in today’s tough economy. One way to do that is to cut down on overhead. No, we’re not talking about coasting down hills to save on fuel (although we saw a TV program where that worked pretty good) but we are talking about doing something that is getting easier and easier to do with today’s technology. Filing for your own oversize and over-weight trucking permits. State DOT’s offices all over the nation are realizing that technology is the way to go as the person in need is the one doing all of the input which requires less man hours for the state in processing which is good for everyone all the way around. So instead of like the old days where you had to deal with a whole lot, these days you just have to deal with just a little bit. Any states have turned to their own private online oversize and over-weight permit management systems like the state of Arkansas. All you have to do is call in and let them create an account for you, login and start ordering your trucking permits yourself! Now, with permit agents charging a slick $30 – $60 bucks a state they aren’t going to tell you how easy it is. But it really is as easy as 1,2, 3. Let us show you how.

You can start filing for your Arkansas oversize and trucking permits today!

  1. Call the Arkansas oversize and overweight permit office: 501-569-2546 and set up an account.
  2. Click here to login to your account.
  3. Order your permits and kick back and relax!

Now that is the way to save money! Think about it, if you did that with 10 states you could save up to about $600 if you were ordering from one of the high end trucking permit providers out there. If you keep this up you might just be thinking about getting some new equipment next year, or hiring a driver or who knows what?