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Alberta frost law restrictions.

2020 Alberta frost laws, seasonal load weight and speed restrictions.

Just like any other Province Alberta has seasonal frost laws. However The Alberta Ministry of Transportation offers a e-mail notification service on their website to drivers who wish to stay up-to-date and legal on the latest road ban orders and seasonal weight restrictions. According to the website seasonal weights for heavy haul trucking are set according to the following schedule:

Spring: weather dependent, subject to thaw depth readings and begins at same time as Period 1 (weather dependent, subject to thaw readings of at last 25 cm.

Winter: weather dependent, subject to frost depth readings of one meter or more. In winter, trucking weights can be greater because the pavement is less vulnerable when the ground beneath it is frozen, providing support.

Seasonal Weights

Seasonal weights for heavy haul trucking are set according to the following schedule:

  • Spring: weather dependent, subject to thaw depth readings of at least 25 centimeters and begins at same time as Period 1 weights for service rigs
  • Post-Thaw: June 16 (may begin one week earlier or one week later)
  • Summer: July 1
  • Fall: September 1
  • Winter: weather dependent, subject to frost depth readings of 75 centimeters or more.

Seasonal weights for service rigs are set according to the following schedule:

  • Period 1: weather dependent, subject to thaw depth readings of at least 25 centimeters and begins at same time as Spring weights for heavy haul
  • Period 2: June 16 (may begin one week earlier or one week later)
  • Period 3: July 16
  • Period 4: September 1

Alberta also publishes a “Road Ban List” of major highways. Typically, the document lists weight restrictions of 90% of 75% of permitted axle weights. Access to the bans list can be viewed here: https://www.alberta.ca/road-restrictions-and-bans-overview.aspx#form15865

The most recent frost/thaw line can be viewed here: Thaw/Contour Map

You can contact the Alberta Ministry of Transportation by e-mail: central.permits@gov.ab.ca for general frost law inquiries. Contact information for City, County and other municipalities can be viewed here.

It is important for truck drivers and trucking company dispatchers to make certain they are operating in accordance with the Alberta posted frost laws, seasonal load weight and speed restrictions that are posted. Changes to these restrictions is subject to change hourly during the winter and spring months. You are expected to be aware of these changes and operate accordingly. It is possible that heavy fines may be levied as well as your truck being ordered out of service and not permitted to travel. We suggest you bookmark this page for future reference.

Seasonal weight restrictions limit the maximum weight of vehicles allowed to travel on certain roads as a way to help prevent damage and protect public investment in the roadways.

Learn about frost laws in other Canadian provinces.

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Iowa frost law restrictions.

2019 Iowa Frost Laws, Seasonal Load Weight and Speed Restrictions.

The Iowa frost laws and spring thaw laws went into effect on March 15, 2019.

Iowa publishes a road restrictions map which you can view by clicking here: https://iowadot.gov/mvd/motorcarriers/restrictionmap.pdf

You can also find other road restrictions maps here: https://iowadot.gov/mvd/motorcarriers/maps (scroll down to “annual pavement restrictions”).

At the discretion of the Motor Carrier Services Division. Seasonal weight embargoes and temporary or permanent bridge weight limits must be signed and posted by the governing agency/jurisdiction.

Notes: It would be wise to communicate directly with the IowaDot if you intend on changing routes often. Also, In addition to traffic penalties for violating roadway or bridge weight limits,  operators and the owner of the vehicle causing damage may be held liable for the cost to repair or replace the structure or pavement.

For information on spring pavement restrictions (frost laws), call the IowaDOT, Motor Carrier Services: 515-237-3268 Feb 1 – May 30 or you can try 3264 .

The IowaDOT trucking information guide is a decent place to start as it covers seasonal weight and many other valuable topics on oversize and heavy haul loads and restrictions starting on page 24: https://www.iowadot.gov/mvd/motorcarriers/truckguide.pdf

This publication address’ and clarifies many of the rules and regulations concerning the operation of commercial vehicles invthe State of Iowa. However, it is not possible to include every rule and regulation that may apply. If any questions exist, the reader is encouraged to contact other sources, including the agencies listed on pages 4 and 5

Iowa frost laws.

Pilot cars need to relax

Pilot cars need to relax!

There’s no doubt about it that the winter time is hard on a pilot car company. This is one reason why pilot car companies need to be wiser with there money when they do have it. Put that money away for the lean season. When winter time and the early spring months come, you’re going to need it!

the slow time of the year

Right now is a very busy time for us. From ad campaigns to developing software and making sure all of our carriers are happy we’re just flat out busy right now. In the midst of this one can’t help but to notice a few things.
As every year the pilot cars have it real tough at this time of the year. It appears that everyone is running (in every direction they can run) and most are unsatisfied with their results with the exception of the true veterans of the industry. We’ve had pilot car companies sign up in the dead of winter this year only to demand a refund within 30 days or so. Our basic service is $4.16 a month! When there’s no freight running there simply isn’t any. This is the equivalency to shooting your company in both feet (at the same time). One thing to consider is we’re not a brokerage supported website nor do we wish to perpetuate the industry in this direction. Our objective is to connect pilot car companies direct with carriers – not people skimming nickels and dimes (per mile) in a unregulated industry. While we don’t support freight brokerage either at least they are required to have a bond and a Federal MC#. Frost laws, the economy and what we refer to as “chaotic theory” all play a factor in determining freight volumes. This year is no different than any other and the official “boom” will happen sometime between the first of May and as late as the end of June just as it does every year.
Prepare for the slow times of the year.
When a pilot car company (or any company for that matter) is stressed out and having a hard time and decides to leave a company as heavily armed as WideloadShipping (online for almost 15 years, top of the search engines, has the trucks doing business on site and takes almost 2 million hits a month during peak months) because they are frustrated during the slowest months of the year they are like any other human being. They are going to think thoughts like “oh, they don’t like me as I quit using them” or “i’m embarrassed because I acted poorly in an email I sent to them” or even worse think they actually got ripped off. Whatever the scenario for $4.16 a month there is no way under the moon and the stars a company can go wrong on a deal like that for more than 20 reasons but here’s a quick 10:
  • You’re getting your name in the marketplace cheaply.
  • Not only that but ask yourself why are the trucking companies here?
  • Our site has so much history it is a trusted site.
  • We place exceptionally well in all related terms so customers can find you.
  • If you have your own website just the link from ours to yours is worth over $300 a yr.
  • Again, as far as popularity you are also connected to your Facebook account.
  • You are linked to your Twitter account.
  • You are linked to your Google account.
  • You are linked to your Google+ account.
  • You are linked to your YouTube account and can show your videos.

This is just a few of the more positive items rambled off real quickly. If we wanted to brag it wouldn’t be very hard. The point is, we offer a very affordable value oriented service and if just one company get’s left behind in all of the years of effort we have put into the heavy haul and oversize trucking industry we are not doing our jobs properly.

As far as pilot car companies are concerned it certainly isn’t where our company get’s it’s bread and butter for sure. Count the pins in the map then just assume each customer has a premium account (which they do not). You will quickly see this is a labor of love and we do it for our carriers, not financial gains as the money just simply isn’t there folks.
If you are one of the companies that has had a hard time with the new pilot car system you can rest assure we are not harboring any feelings towards you and if anything are looking for your presence so we can service our carriers. Send us an email so you can get your account back on track and learn how the system can work for you. Even if you don’t prefer to live post at least get your permanent home base pin is in its proper location and your listing not only looking good but reading well also. Save your money, be smart with your spending and add a few years to your life by relaxing. This slow time too shall end.

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