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Driveaway Services

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Driveaway Services For All Road-Legal Equipment 

Driveaway services are when, instead of shipping your semi truck or vehicle on a trailer, a licensed and experienced agent drives it to the destination. Driveaway services are only permitted for road-legal vehicles. While some equipment is drivable, it may only be legal to do so in certain areas, such as commercial job sites. As long as the equipment, truck, or vehicle is road legal, one of our driveaway specialists can drive it anywhere in the country. Driveaway services work for local and long distance trips. 

Driveaway services may take less time from dispatch to delivery, as you don’t need to have your equipment loaded on a trailer. The routes may also differ, since areas may not have to be avoided due to an oversize nature. As with trailer shipping, a driveaway services company should be licensed, bonded, and insured. This adds a layer of protection to the driveaway service. Wide Load Shipping has the best Find out if driveaway services are best for your equipment by giving us a call today!