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Wide Load Shipping is a professional boat trucking company with over 15 years of experience hauling boats and other oversized loads. Shipping a boat can be time-consuming and costly without proper knowledge or expertise. Like every oversized load, our professionals understand boat transport needs specialized vehicles like trailers or trucks. Generally, they can be shipped by a boat trucking company as deck cargo on commercial trailers with all necessary permits, insurance, and safety.

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Boat Transport Services at Wide Load Shipping

Boat shipping is relatively common, safe, and reliable, but a professional team must be involved. When hauling such cargo, the boat trucking company you consult must possess or portray the capacity to successfully offer such services. Wide Load Shipping provides several methods, services, and options depending on the boat type, size, distance, and weight. The company helps its customers meet all the vital requirements, including permits and regulations, for safe and successful cargo delivery. Our professional services cover local and international shipping with customized transport solutions. Since we provide short-distance hauls and overseas boat transport services, Wide Load Shipping offers vast resources to educate clients and help them understand the oversize load transport process. The customers also enjoy dedicated transport agent services that guide you through the process answering all questions regarding your boat shipping project.

Also, to ensure reliability and safety, our experts offer route survey services across all states to ensure your boat delivery is safe and secure. The route surveys are conducted before the shipment to pick the most suitable road. These surveys check for narrow roads, low bridges, tight turn radii, and other signs to avoid hazards. It also protects public property and other motorists from damage and accidents during transit. Moreover, most states have designated roads for oversize boat shipments, so route surveys help clients comply with highway regulations. Wide Load Shipping services also include equipment shipping insurance which covers unforeseen accidents and damages that may happen. When you work with our experts for boat shipping projects, you are sure of safe equipment delivery with no additional or hidden fees since we have an all-inclusive quote system for openness. Other services include logistic specialists, pilot car and escort, and permit-acquiring services.

Free Resources

Wide Load Shipping has a vast library of resources and guides to educate on all things oversize load and super load transport.

Route Surveys

Wide Load Shipping has a team to provide route surveys, ensuring your oversize load is transported safely.

Oversize Load Regulations by State

Wide Load Shipping has over twelve years of experience, and we’ve listed the regulations you need to know for transporting oversize loads in each state.

Dedicated Transport Agent

At Wide Load Shipping you work with a dedicated transport agent who will guide you through every step of the shipping process.

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Wide Load Shipping provides you with a quote that includes everything you need, whether it be loading assistance, pilot cars, or other amenities for transport. No hidden fees!

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Wide Load Shipping simplifies oversize load transport. We handle every aspect of transport, from the initial dispatch to final delivery. Find out more now!

Professional Boat Shipping Methods

Wide Load Shipping offers various boat shipping methods but recommends clients first discuss with our experts, understand, and pick the best option. The most common method is trailer transport. This suits smaller boats like watercraft, fishing, or trailer able boats. The vessel is loaded onto a specialized boat trailer and towed by a truck. It’s mainly recommended for short to medium distances because it’s flexible and convenient. Flatbed transport is another primary boat trucking service recommended mainly for larger boats requiring extra care during transit. Flatbed trucks are used to haul the boat. Lowboy trailers are also used in boat trucking companies because they are mainly designed to carry oversized cargo. These include RGN, which allows easy loading and unloading. Another standard method is the Roll-On/Roll-Off (RoRo) shipping. The boat is towed on the deck, secured, and shipped to its destination. This method is common in international boat trucking services, mainly for larger vessels.

RoRo is convenient since it avoids cranes and most specialized equipment, making it reliable and cost-effective. The Lift-On/Lift-Off(LoLo) is another shipping method that involves cranes or other specialized lifting equipment to haul a boat onto a shipping vessel. It’s recommended for larger boats or when RoRo shipping is unavailable. LoLo may require more handling and is mainly suitable for boats with keels, masts, or other parts difficult to transport on water. With over 15 years of experience, our experts understand these methods and have a fleet of trailers and trucks for our large customer base needs. When preparing your shipment, our professionals at Wide Load Shipping consider the boat weight, distance, size, timeline, state regulations, and budget to ensure you get satisfactory services. Our team consists of licensed and skilled personnel who readily guide you and arrange all necessary permits and documentation for legal compliance and efficient and safe boat shipping.

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Legal Requirements for Boat Trucking

When you consult a boat trucking company to ship your vessel, legal requirements must be met to comply with the set regulations. The legal standards may vary by jurisdiction and boat type. Several state and international requirements must be followed, and the most common is hiring a company and drivers with a commercial driver’s license (CDL). When moving a boat using a truck or oversize trailer, the driver must possess a valid commercial driver’s license. The CDL class is dependent on the weight and size of the truck or trailer. Oversize and weight permits are another legal requirement when moving a boat or other over-dimensional cargo across states and overseas. These permit transportation of oversize loads exceeding the standard weights and size limits. The process of obtaining these permits differs by jurisdiction, but our team at Wide Load Shipping will help you get them after submitting all the vital details of your boat.

Proper vehicle and trailer registration compliance is another essential requirement. The boat trucking company must ensure the vehicle assigned to your shipment has valid registration and necessary license plates. These show that our truck or trailer fleet meets the standards to operate on public roads and haul oversized cargo. Insurance coverage is also an essential legal requirement that covers the trailer and the boat. It includes liability insurance that protects against potential damage and accidents in transit. While we help our clients acquire these covers, they are advised to consult with the providers to verify or obtain covers on specific needs and regulations of jurisdiction. Wide Load Shipping helps customers acquire all the vital permits and requirements. Still, we recommend you consult the local Department of Transportation for updated information or verify other legal regulations that may affect your boat shipping project.

Common Boats Wide Load Shipping Transports

  • Houseboat
  • Bass Boats
  • Sailboats
  • Fishing Boats
  • High-performance Boats
  • Bowrider Boats
  • Cabin cruiser Boats
  • Powerboats
  • Jet Boats
  • Catamaran Boats
  • Tug Boats
  • Airboats

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How are large boats transported?

Generally, a flatbed or multi-boat trailer transports large boats for secure and safe delivery. However, a professional boat trucking company like Wide Load Shipping will consider weight, size, type, permits, and distance factors.

How do boats get delivered?

Boats are delivered over land using specialized trailers designed to meet all legal requirements for oversize shipping. A licensed professional company like Wide Load Shipping is hired for delivery.

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