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Frost law restrictions.

Thaw restrictions.

Thaw restrictions


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Alberta spring thaw law restrictions information.
British Columbia thaw law restrictions information.
Manitoba thaw law restrictions information.

Frost laws introduction and overview.

Frost laws and thaw law introduction and overview.

Frost/thaw damages to surface.

Frost/thaw damages to surface.

Frost laws.  In States and Providences in the USA and Canada that experience very low temperatures in the winter months frost laws have been enacted.  These frost laws have been created to protect the State of Providences from highway and road damage caused by the surface cracking which is a direct result of too much weight being placed on the pavement which causes stress cracks thus damaging it.  Also, when the freezing temperatures start to thaw out at times the water can not escape quickly which will cause the water to build up which can weaken the base structure of the road or highway which again causes damages the the pavement.  Damages from thawing are just as severe if not even more extreme than frozen damages as they occur to the upper structure of the pavement rather than the base structure.  In some areas during the winter months actual federal weight limits for the trucking industry (80,000 pounds gross) have been reduced with a reduction in driving speeds as well.  This reduction has been observed as high as 35% in weight and even more in maximum speeds.  Some States and Providences close winter and spring travel in certain areas.

It is very important that managers of trucking and transportation companies are aware of the open and closed months, days and times these particular laws are in effect as you can’t make an arrangement with a customer to ship their item if the state will not let you ship it due to frost or thaw laws being in effect.  We are creating  a contact list (EDIT ADD LINK)  of each state that has frost laws enacted for the trucking industry for you to contact for further information.

It is important for you to check with the DOT, DMV or governing office of that particular area for clarification of the specific rules and regulations.