How to ship your aircraft.

Do you need to ship your airplane or jet? If so there are a few things you may want to consider.

Aircraft shipping 101

Aircraft shipping. There are quite a few different ways for use ship your aircraft. One is to completely disassemble it and crate it up. And the other is to partially disassemble it and loading it onto a semi-truck trailer. In the latter case you need to make sure that your overall length is no more than about 65 feet for typical and reasonably priced aircraft shipping. Also height is something to take note of as well once you get about 12 feet as the shipping cost will increase. Shipping aircraft over these dimensions can be done as well, it’s just more money. If you do not know the exact dimensions of your plane or jet you can search for your crafts specs as they have almost anything made listed within the last 40 years. You must remove all fuel from tanks and in some states they might even require you to have a purge certificate stating that the tanks have been completely purged of any elements or residues of fuel. You’ll need to check with the state that you are transporting your aircraft in or through to make sure that you will not be required to have a purge certificate. Other elements to consider are making sure that your plane has the proper insurance to cover its value in the event of damages as your regular insurance may not cover you while being  transported by third-party. As you know it is extremely important that your aircraft has been properly prepared for transport as typically they are very expensive. You want to make sure that any openings on the jet or plane are completely sealed off from any kind moisture to prevent damages in case of rain. You will also want to properly wrap your wings to protect them from being scratched or damaged is well. Typically most aircraft owners will also require that the trailer be equipped with an air ride suspension system in order to protect the aircraft from sudden jolts or vibration from the road. You should also consider removing any sensitive electronics that may be permanently damaged due to vibration. It is also important that you have nylon straps when you’re aircraft moving company arrives in case something needs to be secured that could be damaged otherwise by chains. While most aircraft shipping companies do have straps other do not so be sure and check with your movers salesperson or dispatcher to clarify this issue.

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