Learn to properly measure your aircraft.


How to properly measure aircraft.

It is important that you know the exact dimensions of your aircraft before shipping.

One of the more important aircraft moves.

One of the most important things about shipping your aircraft is knowing exactly what its dimensions are. This means down to the last inch. Your measurements have to be exact and perfect. If you were to give a transport company incorrect dimensions and they were to get stopped by the DOT your shipment could be delayed almost indefinitely. This would result in you being penalized for charges for detention time by the transporter of your aircraft if it was delayed and your fault. It’s simply one of those areas that you absolutely do not want to visit. Make sure your dimensions are exact. You can do this by adding a couple of ladders on site when you perform your measurements. This way you can make sure that tape measure is being held at the exact same angles on each end. You can also use one of the ladders to get your proper height. Make sure that all times your tape measure is being held tightly and does not have any sags in it. You can also have a third or even fourth person help you in measuring just to make sure your dimensions are exact. Also check your dimensions at RisingUp.com and make sure that yours are very close if not exactly the same. Again this is the most important part of aircraft shipping as you have to know exactly which category your shipment is in. These definitions will then be recorded onto the trucking permits that are submitted to each state your aircraft is moved and or through.

Getting it right the first time makes it all easy.

If you are properly prepared when you go to measure your aircraft you can get the job done right and not lose any sleep over it. You’ll know that you have the exact dimensions that are needed in order for the transport company you select to properly be able to ship your airplane or jet. So make sure you take your time and the right equipment and get it done properly the first time. Your experience with aircraft shipping and moving will be exactly the way you anticipated it as long as you do your part correctly.

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